Frequently Asked Questions

QuizRise operates by analyzing your content, extracting key facts, and then utilizing advanced AI, to generate a variety of questions and answers. Whether you have text, a webpage, YouTube video, or documents in PDF or Word format, QuizRise can effortlessly transform it into quizzes or assessments. Simply input your content or its URL, and QuizRise will swiftly generate relevant questions, making the process incredibly easy.
From any text, you can craft multiple-choice, true or false, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank questions.
Yes, QuizRise allows you to use content from PDFs documents as a source to generate quizzes and assessments.
You can input your content directly into QuizRise or provide a URL/link to the content you want to convert into a quiz.
Yes, you can customize and edit the questions generated by the AI Question generator to meet your specific needs or preferences.
For any questions or assistance, you can contact our support team through our website or via email.
Yes, QuizRise supports collaborative content creation. You can invite others to work on quizzes and assessments with you.
While we don't provide free trials, we do offer a free plan that permits you to generate up to three tests per month. This should provide ample opportunity to explore the service and determine if it aligns with your needs.
When high-quality, precise text is provided, the AI typically maintains a low error rate. However, it's essential to understand that, similar to human input, AI can occasionally make errors, and complete accuracy cannot be assured.
You can export your generated quiz in various formats to meet your needs
We recommend that you use a minimum of 500 words. More text will generally result in better questions.
QuizRise's primary support is English, but it also works well in many other languages such as Spanish, French, Turkish. You should try entering the text in the language of your choice and see if the output is satisfactory.

QuizRise is very popular!